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Content of a letter sent to Valiant Yachts, containing suggestions for improvements to future Valiants.



·         Nav lights on bowsprit drowned when bow buried in a wave, and shorted out, they need better waterproofing on cable ingress to lens

·         Lighthouse windlass reversing circuit solenoids stick, perhaps should mount box on aft face of bulkhead for easier access to repair (the sticking problem may be fixed in a later version of the reversing circuit)

·         I secured "lids" of all storage covers, e.g. under pullman, aft chain lkr, quarterberth, nav station seat, with barrel bolts or otherwise depending on frequency of access

·         Stove gimbals (pivot pins) were not locked, as delivered

·         We had lockdowns made for securing stove grill

·         Foot pumps for drinking water (head and galley) forward-siphon from rear tanks when tanks are full, wasting fresh water

·         Perko door/cabinet hinges are flimsy and bend easily

·         Cigar-shaped bulbs (e.g., under companionway & in shower stall) are unreliable and subject to vibration

·         Nonskid in cockpit wore off early (4 yrs), had to be repainted, suggest offering Treadmaster option, or at least option of more aggressive grit

·         Ensure ducting of fresh, relatively cool, air from q'berth cabin to fridge condenser

·         Westerbeke instrument panel leaks in rain/washdown (by design); rain water ran down engine cable bundle and dripped off to Webasto junction box mounted on aft face of stbd quarter bulkhead, causing Webasto to run even though "off," creating fire hazard

·         Locations of all fuzes should be documented (anything not on the master circuit-breaker panel), e.g., I still haven't found the fuze for the Webasto. During the episode referred to above, I turned off the ship's 12V master switch without getting the Webasto to turn off. Suggest that a separate tab in the owner's manual should show photos of fuzes for location purposes, including optional equipment, with emphais on anything not going through master switch.

·         "Coolant" hoses for Webasto heater were led beneath cockpit at aft edge; they drooped down and chafed on the rudder stop pin on the rudder quadrant; I secured them to a throughbolted set of hose clamps on the center of the under surface of the cockpit. By the way, we like the Webasto very much; the only problems we've had with it were operator error

·         Plastic clip holding cockpit table is fragile; I replaced with a loop of line around steering pedestal with small snap shackle which joins to brass eye on underside of table

·         Sailing with jib on a reach causes sheets to bear on lifelines. I replaced T track block with snatch block on each T track and also snatch block on each toe rail at lifeline gates to quickly switch sheets from inside to outside of lifelines.

·         LPG tub vapor drain hose had low spot which could be blocked by a teaspoon of water

·         Floorboard lockdowns collect dirt and are very difficult to clean, ditto icebox catches and ring pulls

·         Watermaker (we have a Spectra 200C, but these are general observations):

·         For manual watermakers, product test "to bucket" hose should lead to a nozzle over sink in head for testing output

·         Hoses on suction side (between strainer and electric pump) crush flat under vacuum e.g. if filters clog, especially in hot engine room; don't use nylon-reinforced drinking water hose but heavy duty suction-rated hose

·         Output hose going through tight bends kinks flat in tight bends, e.g., brine discharge hose, so I replaced with 90degree fittings, or could use reinforced nonkinking hose


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