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A sheet of useful facts I post on my nav station. Stuff I don’t use often enough to memorize, but stuff that—when I want it—I want it now! Or if I get beaned by the boom, stuff that my first mate might want to know.



standard MAYDAY script,

USCG emergency frequencies,

speed increase needed to justify footing rather than pointing,

how to set frequencies in my ICOM M710 SSB,

where all the seacocks are,

how to double-check the state of charge of the batteries, given charge current and battery voltage (derived from Calder),

geostrophic wind speed (from Dashew),

how much Clorox to use in the water (from Leonard),

and like that.


The .DOC format is included if you want to modify it for your own boat.


Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format

MS-Word (.DOC) format


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